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Reality TV As ‘Research’ For Writers

Now I don’t watch much tele’, honestly, but when I indulge, I do like a bit of reality TV (it’s research! And gives you ideas – as I said last year in this post, point 4). So, last Friday night … Continue reading

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I Need A Hero… ! (+ here comes a giveaway!)

I admit it. I am a laggard. I’m talking about those classifications to help explain how new ideas and technology spread through cultures. You know the ones: there are the ‘innovators’ (those annoying people who have to have the latest … Continue reading

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10 Ways For A Writer To Survive Christmas

The Big Day is fast approaching and I’ve come up with a ‘survival guide’ for those of you, who, like me, find the whole Christmas festivities An Ordeal. (Bah Humbug and all that). It’s not that I don’t enjoy the … Continue reading

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New Writing Festival .. and the tele’!

You know how some things just go together? Bread and butter, salt and pepper, white wine and soda, Starsky & Hutch (whoops, showing my age) and of course, that old classic: writing and asparagus! Yes, I have discovered ‘AsparaWriting Festival’ … Continue reading

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The Great British Write-Off!

That title’s not completely true, but I do have 2 free writing competitions to tell you about. But first, in other news, we’re awaiting the birth of a BABY! My partner’s daughter is in hospital as we speak and there … Continue reading

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It’s The Weekend!

March 15th. It’s Red Nose Day! Also my nephew’s birthday (Happy Birthday, Jack! Your Nintendo DS game is on its way) AND, today, the results of a local short story competition I entered, were supposed to have been announced. But, … Continue reading

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Who’s Your ‘Bernard’?

Now, if that’s not the strangest question you’ve been asked today, I’ll eat my hat! (Talking of strange, this morning I overhead a woman who works in the village shop, say to her colleague, “I’m going to take those two … Continue reading

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