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What I’m Up To…

I’m Watching: There’s not much on the tele’ these days, is there? I know I told you all to watch War & Peace but to be honest, there’s a bit too much ‘War’ in it for me and when that … Continue reading

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Season of X-Factor, ‘Strictly’ And All That…

Now that autumn’s here (it is, honest. There was MIST around here over the weekend! And you know what John Keats said about that), the TV has perked up! Hurrah. We have weaned ourselves off X-Factor this year which has, … Continue reading

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Reality TV As ‘Research’ For Writers

Now I don’t watch much tele’, honestly, but when I indulge, I do like a bit of reality TV (it’s research! And gives you ideas – as I said last year in this post, point 4). So, last Friday night … Continue reading

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I Need A Hero… ! (+ here comes a giveaway!)

I admit it. I am a laggard. I’m talking about those classifications to help explain how new ideas and technology spread through cultures. You know the ones: there are the ‘innovators’ (those annoying people who have to have the latest … Continue reading

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10 Ways For A Writer To Survive Christmas

The Big Day is fast approaching and I’ve come up with a ‘survival guide’ for those of you, who, like me, find the whole Christmas festivities An Ordeal. (Bah Humbug and all that). It’s not that I don’t enjoy the … Continue reading

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New Writing Festival .. and the tele’!

You know how some things just go together? Bread and butter, salt and pepper, white wine and soda, Starsky & Hutch (whoops, showing my age) and of course, that old classic: writing and asparagus! Yes, I have discovered ‘AsparaWriting Festival’ … Continue reading

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The Great British Write-Off!

That title’s not completely true, but I do have 2 free writing competitions to tell you about. But first, in other news, we’re awaiting the birth of a BABY! My partner’s daughter is in hospital as we speak and there … Continue reading

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