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Messy Is Good!

Hurrah for those of us of a rather, ahem, messy nature (remember, I have ‘piles of cr*p’ everywhere?). I read in the paper today that, according to researchers at the University of Minnesota (bless their little cotton socks), “people working … Continue reading

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The Mojo returns.. and Mslexia Short Story Results

I am ‘home alone’ this week, as his Lordship has nipped up to Scotland to play some golf. (Hmm, maybe I shouldn’t have told you that, in case you’re an axe murderer. Ahem, please note that I own a vicious, … Continue reading

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I Want To Be Alone…

I’ve read two statements recently that made me go ‘yes, yes, YES!’ Sadly, neither of them was my bank statement but I’d like to share them with you, anyway: 1.“Be alone – that is the secret of invention; be alone, … Continue reading

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What ‘Woman’s Weekly’ Wants (as of today..)

Writing ‘Gremlins’ Before I get on to the bit you’ve come to see, I just have a quick request. I’m writing an article about our writing ‘gremlins’ – you know, those evil beggars that sit on your shoulder when you’re … Continue reading

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Are ‘Writing Groups’ A Good Idea?

I’ve have roused myself from my writing stupor by: 1) Joining the local library. We marched in today 10 minutes before they closed and announced,“We’ve come to join!” I bet the librarian loved us. But, to be fair, she whisked … Continue reading

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Diamond Jubilee Poetry Competitions – Updated 2nd June 2012

Have you noticed there are suddenly Union Jacks everywhere? The whole country’s going ‘Queen’s Diamond Jubilee crazy’, so I thought it was time I joined in and tracked down a few of the competitions that have sprung up to honour … Continue reading

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5 Words I Can’t Stand….

1. Enjoy! Used in that American way, which has now crept into English-English and is very annoying! It needs something after it – ‘enjoy your meal!’ or ‘enjoy yourselves!’ I know I have (very occasionally) used it in this blog … Continue reading

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

If you didn’t get a card, look on the bright side – you could have got one like this! I was in a shop today and I overhead one assistant say to another, “Well, Stan, what did you buy your … Continue reading

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Getting It Right

I haven’t been watching ‘The Hour’, the Beeb’s recent 1950s drama, set in a current affairs show (it looked like my kind of thing, to be honest, but I was never around. Busy, busy…!). Anyway*, I was interested to see … Continue reading

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Did You Have A Secret Wedding? – Writing Opportunity!

Sounds a bit like the title for a chick-lit novel, doesn’t it? Anyway, if you did have a secret wedding (I had a disastrous, very short-lived one, which I wish had been ‘secret’ – but that’s another story!)…then The Guardian … Continue reading

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