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On The Trail of Maggie O’Farrell

On Friday night my OH decided to make a curry. I ‘live tweeted’ (!) this experience, as from starting to chop the carrots to his weary call of “Dinner’s ready” took 3.5 hours. I kid you not. It’s my own … Continue reading

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My Writing A – Z … V is for VACATION

V is for VACATION Whoops, I’ve been away for a little while! Apologies for the lack of blog posts but I’ve been on my VACATION! I know that’s American but it fits the bill nicely for ‘V’. Last week I … Continue reading

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My Writing A-Z … J is for JEALOUSY

J is for JEALOUSY Someone reads out a piece in your writing class. It’s fantastic – but you can’t bring yourself to say so; you read the winning short story in a competition and dismiss it as ‘rubbish!’ Or an … Continue reading

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Writing Competitions, Results & Stuff

There are lots of writing competitions out there. You know this. You don’t really need me to list them (though Gayle Beveridge has a great list on her blog here) BUT sometimes I like to ‘highlight’ a couple that are … Continue reading

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10* Ways For A Writer To ‘De-Stress’

You may remember, a little while ago, I felt seriously stressed because life was busy and I never seemed to have time for my WRITING. If I can’t write, I feel grumpy and lazy and ‘wrong’. It seemed to strike … Continue reading

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Something’s Gotta Give!

I am stressed. My whole life, at the moment, feels like a ‘to-do list’ and I don’t have young children to look after, or even a 9-to-5 job and perhaps that’s the problem. My ‘job(s)’ never seem to end! I … Continue reading

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Taking A Bow.. ‘Take A Break’ News…!

When I was whizzing around Center Parcs yesterday on a ‘Segway’ machine (fun!), little did I know that a decision had been made about a story I’d sent to ‘Take A Break’ back in October 2013. When I got home … Continue reading

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Messy Is Good!

Hurrah for those of us of a rather, ahem, messy nature (remember, I have ‘piles of cr*p’ everywhere?). I read in the paper today that, according to researchers at the University of Minnesota (bless their little cotton socks), “people working … Continue reading

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The Mojo returns.. and Mslexia Short Story Results

I am ‘home alone’ this week, as his Lordship has nipped up to Scotland to play some golf. (Hmm, maybe I shouldn’t have told you that, in case you’re an axe murderer. Ahem, please note that I own a vicious, … Continue reading

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I Want To Be Alone…

I’ve read two statements recently that made me go ‘yes, yes, YES!’ Sadly, neither of them was my bank statement but I’d like to share them with you, anyway: 1.“Be alone – that is the secret of invention; be alone, … Continue reading

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