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Writers & Artists’ New Competition

Just a quickie because I am off, in a minute to you-know-where…(don’t want to jinx it by mentioning The Place but see post below for full explanation!). But I couldn’t leave you without a mention of the new free-to-enter historical … Continue reading

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For Sale: Holiday Pumps. Never Worn*

I was supposed to be in Rome now. Yes, now. Possibly sipping a Negroni, somewhere near The Spanish Steps. The plan was, to go to Birmingham airport last night, meet my friends there and stay overnight (because we had a … Continue reading

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Lost My Mojo..

I seen to have lost my writing mojo! Eek, where has it gone? (perhaps it’s melted). My evil writing gremlin, Keith*, is having a field day. I’ve got a few stories half-written and I’m playing around with an idea for … Continue reading

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Back From Italy – And 2 New Writing Comps!

I’m back! This has been the longest gap between posts since I started the blog, so apologies but I have been taking a break in Umbria for a couple of weeks and just to put us all in an Italian … Continue reading

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Off On My (Writing) Hols…!

I am off on my holidays tonight (well, at 4am in the morning, to be precise, but it might as well be tonight!). Eek – as usual, it’s all very last minute. I was supposed to be at my friend’s … Continue reading

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How To Write A ‘Mills And Boon’

Last night my chap pointed out an interesting ‘writerly’ programme, that he’d spotted on BBC 4 (is that well-trained, or what?). It actually turned out to be a few years old but it doesn’t suffer for that. To celebrate ‘Mills … Continue reading

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