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Off On My (Writing) Hols…!

I am off on my holidays tonight (well, at 4am in the morning, to be precise, but it might as well be tonight!). Eek – as usual, it’s all very last minute. I was supposed to be at my friend’s … Continue reading

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Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

Here’s an exercise you might like to try: Make a list of all the things you never want to write about. Everyone’s list will be different, but I’d imagine that yours, like mine, could well include subjects like incest or … Continue reading

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Must TRY harder!

Scotland are playing Wales in the rugby and as I write this there is what can only be described as ‘language’ coming from the room next to me! Apparently, (and I paraphrase!), Scotland are having a little difficulty in scoring … Continue reading

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Short And Sweet

Apparently, short stories are ‘back in fashion’, which is good news for those of us who write, or who want to write them! And to celebrate the fact, The Daily Telegraph has just launched its new ‘Short Story Club’, lead … Continue reading

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