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A Turn Up For the Books, as The Books Turn Up

One day last week a parcel arrived and I opened it in a distracted way and when I spotted what was inside, I yelled, “Oh my God!” and closed the box flap again and composed myself for a few seconds … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Simon Whaley (+ BOOK GIVEAWAY!)

Today, I’m welcoming my writing pal Simon Whaley to the blog! It’s not the first time he’s been featured! Back in 2012, his was the first guest blog I had on here. Wow, a lot of water has gone under the … Continue reading

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Goodies! (And Baddies…)

Goodies Today I taught the last writing class of this term. That’s 10 classes done and dusted! Where’s the time gone? And as you can see, I got lots of lovely goodies from my students! I’ve always wanted one of … Continue reading

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Guest Post – Simon Whaley

Ooh, get me, with my ‘Guest Posts’! How posh! Actually, apart from Michaela’s lovely post about her Moonwalk a few months ago, this is the only Guest Post I’ve ever had! So I’m very chuffed that Simon’s sent me some … Continue reading

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A Positively Productive Give-Away! (and some other stuff..)

To celebrate the completion of that blasted tax return and because I think we all need a bit of cheering up and motivation in chilly grey January, I’m giving away a BOOK! And not just any book – it’s Simon … Continue reading

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Pssst…Is Blogging A ‘Girl Thing’?!

I read in the paper today (so it must be true), that ‘women gossip for five hours a day’. (Not if they work from home all on their little ownsome, they don’t!). Apparently, we like to talk to girlfriends about … Continue reading

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