Chippy Theatre On-Line Auction: Manuscript Critique from Me!

Chipping Norton Theatre, where I teach two of my daytime classes, is holding an on-line auction starting TODAY (Friday) at 10.30am, to raise funds.

They asked me to donate something, not unreasonably, so I’ve donated a manuscript critique. ie: 3 chapters + synopsis of your work-in-progress novel OR 3 short stories (these can be any kind – womag stories or those aimed at competitions. I have lots of experience of both!).

Bidding starts at just £25 and the auction ends on Sunday night at 10pm (it was going to be midnight but I said, please think about all us oldies who won’t want to stay up until midnight to have to finish our bidding! And they listened to me – hurrah – and changed it to 10pm).

Have a look if you think it might be of interest! (You can also bid for a tractor lesson with Kaleb Cooper of ‘Clarkson’s Farm’ TV programme, if you prefer!! But he’s a bit more expensive than me!).

Kaleb Cooper, local Chippy celeb!

All the details are here. If you win the auction, I’ll give you detailed written feedback on your work (constructive but kind!) and if you’d also like to have an hour’s Zoom chat to talk it all through, we can do that too, once you’ve read and digested the report.

We’ll have to agree on a mutually-convenient time for you to submit the work and for me to send you my report and for the follow-up chat. Given my ahem.. (PANIC!).. deadline for novel #2 (which is 2 weeks today), to be followed by edits, it may not be for a few weeks, but I will do it sooner if I can. But perhaps you haven’t even started your novel and this will be the impetus to do it? I’m quite happy to wait a while for your 3 chapters + synopsis. There’s no cut-off date to take up your prize if you win the bidding.

Thanking you kindly! I’ll be back again soon with other stuff. In the meantime, have a good weekend! x

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