Celebrity Who..?

Are you watching ‘Celebrity Big Brother’? No, of course you’re not. It’s only me and the readers of the Daily Star who are tuning in. Well, I have to fill the yawning gap left by the end of the you-know-what games.

Anyway, bear with me, because this is to do with writing.

One of the contestants is Samantha Brick.

You know her. The feature writer who caused a right to-do earlier this year when she wrote an article – printed in the Daily Mail – about how other women hated her because she was so beautiful.

Ooh, what a furore that was! And of course, it lead to her being invited on various chat shows to defend herself (and, presumably, to show off her hate-inducing, perfect features) and since then she’s written other rather outrageous articles and now she’s on ‘Big Brother’, for which she will be paid handsomely. So you could say, she’s done rather well out of it all.

The weird thing is (and I’m sorry, but you may have to tune in to see this for yourself), not only is she not beautiful (pretty but not a head-turner) but she actually seems to be rather nice and not at all like the person portrayed in that article. She’s mothering all the other contestants on the show and they all like her. Prince Lorenzo (yes, really), chose her above all the other women (including the really beautiful ones) to be his ‘princess’ for the day because she’s being so kind.

And she’s since admitted that the article she wrote wasn’t completely truthful and that she exaggerated the extent of male attention that she gets. She revealed she had pieced together “half a dozen encounters” from her life as the basis for her article.
So, when she said that a man in Paris paid her train fare, bar tenders wouldn’t accept payment and an airline pilot sent champagne back into the cabin for her (all on account of her stunning good looks, you understand), those were all incidents that have happened over the past 40 years or so – not recently.

Now, heaven forbid that I should be urging you all to write for the Daily Mail, or get yourselves on reality TV but perhaps there’s a lesson here for those of us who want to write successful non-fiction articles: never let the truth get in the way of a good story.

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10 Responses to Celebrity Who..?

  1. whensevenoclockcomes says:

    I’m watching Big Brother too you’re not the only one! I just can’t resist.

  2. Julia says:

    When I used to write a column for my local paper, each one was based on something that actually happened but often exaggerated for comic effect. I think it’s entirely legitimate.

    • Absolutely, Julia. Let’s face it, we all do it – when we’re writing or even when we’re just telling someone a funny story or anecdote. We exaggerate to create a better story!


  3. Michaela says:

    Depends what you exaggerate with. I happened to see on Facebook that CBB was back on, so I turned it on out of curiosity. We’ve not bothered for years (since Pete Burns, Rula Lenska/George Galloway and also John Mc Cririck if he was in the same one) but when we saw Julie Goodyear and Cheryl Fergison, I had to keep watching. Thanks for informing us of Samantha’s “fame” and background. I personally think she isn’t even that good looking. Amazing what a bit of self-confidence or arrogance can do. She clearly believes she’s beautiful and so she sells. Weird really. I was just saying to my husband last night that I found her quite ugly, not knowing what I know now. Exaggerating a bit is fine, but I think she’s taken it a bit too far and too seriously. In terms of eye candy however, Jasmin is the most shudder-worthy. Julie is wrinkly but then again she’s 70 and she makes me laugh as does Julian Clary. So yes, in a nutshell, I’m fairly hooked now. You real writers should take a pearl of wisdom from this but please don’t go the whole hog and “do a Samantha”. 🙂

  4. spabbygirl says:

    I think that’s what Jeremy Clarkson does, say something outrageous to get noticed. Otherwise you just end up as yet another presenter who can do the job well but so can lots of other people.

  5. Broken Biro says:

    It’s interesting where a well-placed provocative comment can lead, isn’t it? I’ll bet she gets a book deal out of all this too, if she hasn’t already. I’ve only seen a few bits of CBB but it does seem like an ‘interesting’ bunch!

  6. We’re in the wrong job Helen. I’ve left you an award over on my blog if you’re interested.

  7. I actually thought that your post was going to be about marketing yourself with Samantha Brick as an example of success by dubious means.
    Like it or not it seems like you really need to do rather outrageous things in order to be noticed and get publicity these days…
    Oh I’m becoming a bitter old lady… Help!
    Better watch some Big brother to regain my sense of dignity.
    Have a great weekend everyone!

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