Sad & Happy News – and a couple of writing competitions

Ah, David Cassidy (RIP). I loved him. If you were a fan of Jackie magazine, back in the 70s – and I’ve talked about that before here – then you probably had posters of David on your wall. Ooh, that one of him standing with his palamino horse, perhaps (perfection!)? Maybe he was your ‘first love’, maybe you, too, kissed his poster good night?

He might have seemed to have had it all – good looks, talent and the adoration of millions of fans – but it turned out he had rather an unhappy life in the end, didn’t he? He hated some of the songs he had to sing (he wanted to be a rock star), he battled alcoholism, depression and dementia and died penniless at the age of just 67 and (sorry this is a bit sad), according to his daughter, his last words were, ‘So much wasted time…’

That Royal News

But on a jollier note (and still on the theme of ‘celeb news’): hurrah for Harry and Meghan! I am unofficial ‘royal correspondent’ for some of my friends and I’ve been telling them for weeks that an engagement announcement was ‘imminent’ (courtesy of the tabloids, of course, who seem to know everything before anyone else).

So, it was rather satisfying this morning to be able to email them (my friends, not the tabloids) with the header: From Your Royal Correspondent: Tidings of Great Joy!

I must just be an old romantic at heart but I love a wedding – especially a royal one. Ooh, the glitz and the glamour and who will be the bridesmaids and where will it be? And, probably just as importantly – will we get the day off work?!. As my friend Jane has so wisely said, it’ll keep us all going once Strictly’s over!

Short Story Writing Competitions

Finally, here are a couple of writing competitions to which I have promised to give a little plug:

The first one is closing on THURSDAY this week (30th) so get a move on if you want to enter this. Vanda Inman and Linda Lewis (who was a guest on the blog here), who have recently set up a new writing website, ‘Vanda ‘n’ Linda’s Write Space’ are running a short story competition on the theme of ‘secrets or lies’ with a top prize of £250.

Entry is £6 with an optional critique of £4 from Linda. Personally, if you can afford it, I always think it’s worth paying a little extra for a critique and then, even if you’re not placed in the competition, you can learn from the experience and use the critique to polish up your story. On its next outing, to another competition, that (new, improved!) story could do better.

Linda’s given a little tip to entrants on the website: ‘If you want to get on my shortlist, make me care about your characters. I won’t be impressed by a complicated, clever plot unless I believe in the characters’.

Tamworth Literary Festival has launched its 2017/8 short story competition and this time there’s no theme and a first prize of £100, as well as other prizes. I won this last year (I won £100 of book tokens which I’m just about to spend on Christmas presents!), so I won’t be entering again but I’m encouraging you all to have a go. It’s a small, newish literary festival and (sshh, between you and me) I don’t think they had a huge number of entries last year. The closing date is 31st March 2018, so there’s plenty of time! Entry fee is £4.

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4 Responses to Sad & Happy News – and a couple of writing competitions

  1. juliathorley says:

    Yes, poor old David. On a lighter note, I might have a go at the Tamworth comp, thanks.

  2. Patsy says:

    There seem to be many people who’re eager for fame and fortune, asuming it will make them happy, yet so many of the rich and famous suffer with addictions, depression, other mental and physical illnesses, broken relationships and crippling insecurities. Perhaps a more modest lifestyle, with some privacy is more to be valued than many realise.

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