Where There’s A Will….

Unusually for me, I’ve bought The Guardian for the last two Saturdays because I’ve been expecting my ‘Playlist’ to be published (they told me it would in be on 1st October – but no sign of it – so I bought it last weekend too but again – not there).

Maybe it will be third time lucky this Saturday but in the meantime, I’ve spotted a little writing opportunity in the paper that some of you may be interested in and there’s £40 to be earned!

I’ve never been left anything by anyone in a will (lucky me, I suppose that says, really), so that counts me out but perhaps you’ve got something you can write about for this slot (I also think, as a separate idea, an unwanted gift left in someone’s will would make a great theme for a short story). And if you can send them a photo, so much the better, as I think that will increase your chances of being chosen:

Unwanted Inheritance
Has a relative ever left you something in a will that you just couldn’t stand? Perhaps you felt that you had to keep it, or maybe you couldn’t get rid of it fast enough?

If so, we’d like to hear about it. Tell us the story in 200 words and email it to family@guardian.co.uk with ‘Inheritance’ as the subject line. We will pay £40 for each one we publish. You can send us a relevant photo too – perhaps of the item or the person who gave it to you or you and the item together.

Closing date for entries is 26th October 2011.

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