A Few Little Reminders…

(No, I’m not going to remind you to put your clocks back! You read this blog don’t you – you aren’t stupid!)

First reminder: you’ve still got time to enter my free ‘mini saga’ competition! Closing date is midnight on 31st October (ie: Halloween – tomorrow) and all the details are here.

Second reminder: if you’re planning to do NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) this year, it starts this Tuesday! So there are just a couple of days left, to clear the decks and perhaps to think about a rough plan for your novel.

The first year I did NaNo, I didn’t plan anything – I just started to write and I carried on writing for the whole of November and ended up with 50,000 words of… well, gobbledygook, to be honest. The second time I did it (last year), I spent a bit of time planning before I started on the journey and the resulting 50,000 words were definitely more coherent and more of a novel and actually, that reminds me, I really should read through my ‘novel’ and see if any of it is worth developing.

So my ‘top tip’, if you’re going to participate in NaNoWriMo, is to do a little planning (even if it’s only a rough idea of the start and the end of the novel) before you plunge in. It will help, I promise! And good luck!

And finally, this isn’t really a reminder but something I wanted to bring to your attention … there’s not much time to do this (closing date 4th November) but I stumbled across this free ‘Have The Last Word’ writing competition on the Hive website recently and thought I’d share it with you.

Unusually, you have to write the END of a story to win this prize (up to 1200 words but you can write less). Crime author Mark Billingham has written the rest.

The prize (and there are 2) is £1000 of books and/or DVDs for the ‘Author’s Choice’ prize (chosen by Mark Billingham) and £250 of books or DVDs for the ending that has the ‘most public votes’ (so that’s basically a popularity contest then! I’m not a great fan of ‘get your friends to vote for your story on Twitter or Facebook’ because it has nothing to do with the quality of the writing but I suppose it’s good publicity for the people running the competition).

There are some useful tips from Mark Billingham on the website too, so worth a quick look!

Good luck if you decide to have a go! Must dash – X-Factor results show is coming on soon….!

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6 Responses to A Few Little Reminders…

  1. That looks like a fun competition – I’ll try and come up with something.

  2. Prue says:

    Aarrghhh! Not long to go and having decided not even to think about it, the little grey cells are now working overtime as to why he did it, who he is, who the victim is and the mysterious woman mentioned.
    I have an idea…with a twist…but not long to write AND NaNoWriMo starts Tuesday. Nothing like short deadlines to focus the mind beautifully 😀

  3. Derek Baker says:

    I cannot believe you watch the X factor in preference to writing more in your blog.there can be no comparison and I would vote for your blog every time!

  4. Prue says:

    Ok, I full day of writing and I’ve got my entry in. Phew! My head feels scrambled. It had to be today or not at all as I’m at work tomorrow and Wednesday.

    Thanks very much for sharing that information. Competitions are a big motivator for me at present 🙂

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